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  1. Great product, we have sold truckloads at our store.
    Managing Director
  2. One of our best selling items.
    Managing Director
  3. It helped us attract new painting contractors
    Benjamin Moore | Bayley's Decorating
    Managing Director
  4. You cant go wrong at that price, thumbs up!
    Naborhood Home Hardware
    Managing Director
  5. Saved us thousands of dollars on material cost
    Painters and More Inc
    Managing Director
  6. We painted our store with it... love it!
    Managing Director

Retailers Wanted

Do you own or manage a retail store in Canada or the US and would like to:

  • Offer a premium product at a FACTORY-DIRECT price?
  • Increase traffic to your store and attract new customers?
  • Build loyalty and repeat business?
  • Significantly increase existing sales and revenues?

Latex Eggshel | Wall Paint

No tinting or mixing equipment required, the paint is already factory pre-tinted in 3 designer colors. The product is sold off the pallet (liquidation style) and requires only 1square meter of retail floor space.

Marketing Support

In addition to supplying a great product at an unbeatable price, our support team will even market the product in your area to contractors, builders and the general public, driving new traffic to your store. This will ensure quicker turnaround, higher sales volumes and higher customer retention. 

Our goal is to connect you with local painting contractors, property management companies...etc, providing a turn key supply and direct marketing experience, unprecedented in the industry. If you would like more information on selling COLORTECH products at your location, please call 1-800-683-1058 or email us at [email protected]

We have branded posters, banners, rack cards, business cards, coffee mugs, pens, shirts, hats... and anything else you need to promote the product and  your retail growth with us.