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Know What You Buy | Various Recycled Paint Grades
Not all recycled paints are the same.  As with virgin paints, recycled paint qualities vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The following are 4 grades of recycled paint:

Raw Feedstock: (unfiltered) 
This is the lowest grade of recycled paint that contains particles which will effect the finish of the paint. 

Export Grade: Often used by virgin paint manufacturers as a base

  • coarse filtered

Contractor Grade (good paint) 
  • fine filtered
  • color matched to 2 deltas of basic colors 
  • each 1,800 gallon batch uniquely numbered (ensures perfect match)

Premium Contractor Grade (best quality): The only grade COLORTECH sells
  • triple fine filtered to 150 mesh
  • color matched to 0.8 deltas (imperceptible to the human eye)
  • each 1,800 gallon batch uniquely numbered
  • each batch quality tested and rolled out on the wall
  • raw materials received are sorted and only mid to high quality paints go in the blend 
  • when blended compares to "good to great quality" virgin paint specifications (covers in one coat, does not spatter, leaves smooth finish)
  • low VOC (technically < 50 g/L) Colortech ranges from 15 - 35 g/L