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ULTRA-HIDE Primer / Sealer WHITE

  • Premium quality
  • Retails for less than half the price of national name-brands
  • Available in WHITE
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  • Seals coated & uncoated porous surfaces
  • Improves top coat glide, uniformity and durability
  • Works with all top coats
  • ​Recoat in 1 hour
  • ECO friendly recycled paint
  • Uses less water to manufacture
  • Produces less CO2 emissions in its production
  • Recycling paint reduces pollution
  • Diverts old paint from landfills and water supply
  • Both paint and cans are recycled
  • Costs as much as 80% less to manufacture​​


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COLORTECH ULTRA-HIDE Interior Drywall Primer-Sealer is our premium primer. It seals and prepares bare drywall and wood trim to promote the smoothest topcoat finish possible. It is specifically formulated to level out texture differences between drywall and mud-joints to prevent flashing in the topcoat. This high solids primer is compatible with all topcoat finishes.

Where To Use

For use over properly prepared wallboard, drywall and tape joints. ULTRA-HIDE is also suitable for spot priming patched area of previously painted walls, under latex or oil base paint.

One gallon on a smooth surface will cover 350-450 square feet.

Preparing Your Surfaces
New Drywall and Wallboard: Tape joints should be sanded smooth and even with the drywall or wallboard. Using a damp cloth or sponge, wipe tape joints and all wallboard surfaces to remove all sanding dust. Be sure to remove all chalky residue before priming. Allow to dry, then prime.

Previously painted surfaces: remove all dirt, dust, grease and oils by using a non-residue cleaner to clean the surface. Scrape off any loose, cracked or peeling paint. Patch cracks and nail holes. Sand smooth, then spot prime.


To place an order, please contact one of our distributors, or call 1-800-683-1058 

Technical Data

  • Package: 5 gallon pails (both paint & pails are recycled)
  • Weight: 55lb per pail
  • Pallet Size: 36 pails per pallet
  • 53' Truck fits: 22 pallets (792 pails) total truckload weight 43,560 lb
  • Stock colors: WHITE
  • Comparable pricing: Compares to a $125.00 - $155.00 pail of competitors paint | 5 gallon pail
  • Wholesale price: Please contact us for wholesale pricing, volume discounts and re-sale opportunities.
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