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Porch & Floor Paint

  • Wood porches, fences, concrete floors, staircases, basement floors, garages
  • Premium quality
  • Retails for less than half the price of national name-brands
  • Available in 1 designer stock color "SLATE GRAY"
  • ​​Custom color production at no extra charge with a 360 pail minimum order
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  • Outstanding 1-2 coat coverage
  • Retails for less than half the price of name-brands
  • No tinting equipment required, pre-mixed colors
  • Urethane fortified for superrior durability
  • Paint and primer in 1
  • ECO friendly recycled paint
  • Uses less water to manufacture
  • Produces less CO2 emissions in its production
  • Recycling paint reduces pollution
  • Diverts old paint from landfills and water supply
  • Both paint and cans are recycled
  • Costs as much as 80% less to manufacture​​

We use third party freight and freight forwarding. Try our interactive shipping calculator to find the best, real-time rates. We will always confirm your actual shipping cost before the order is placed.

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Where To Use
Properly prepared interior or exterior surfaces: concrete, wood, porches, basement floors, stairs, breezeways, primed metal, indoor and outdoor floors. Not for use on heavy equipment traffic areas.

One gallon of paint covers up to 400 sq. ft. depending upon surface porosity. For surfaces that do require two coats, such as new concrete or badly worn areas, thin first coat only with 1 pint water per gallon of paint; apply second coat as normal.

To place an order, please contact one of our distributors, or call 1-800-683-1058 with your color choice and quantity and someone will contact you with a final quote including shipping.

Technical Data

  • Package: 5 gallon pails (both paint & pails are recycled)
  • Weight: 55lb per pail
  • Pallet Size: 36 pails per pallet
  • 53' Truck fits: 22 pallets (792 pails) total truckload weight 43,560 lb
  • Stock colors: SLATE GRAY
  • Comparable pricing: Compares to a $215.00 - $245.00 pail of competitors paint | 5 gallon pail
  • Wholesale price: Please contact us for wholesale pricing, volume discounts and re-sale opportunities.
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